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About Us

Al Shams Hospital specializes in working with individuals who suffer from the disease of addiction and addictive disease syndrome of anxiety, depression and schizophrenia, grief and loss. Specialized Al Shams Hospital is also dealing with individuals who suffer from frequent relapses were not crowned with success for them in other treatment programs. Al Shams Hospital leader in providing and the establishment of a modern model and is ideal for units to withdraw and detoxification, treatment and rehabilitation for all types of addiction at the highest level of technical and professional and my performance and the best of care and quality standards and accreditation. We have group of the most skilled doctors and therapists and psychologists and seek meetings through them to provide the best and latest treatment programs - behavioral and psychological - and most effective rehabilitation of patient addiction to deal with life without drug abuse.
The first "Hospital for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment" in Egypt Contracting of "Egyptian Medical Syndicate" for the treatment of doctors and their families